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Chuck Bolinger

Chuck Bolinger
Certified Pedorthist
Master Craftsman & the 2005

“Grand Silver Cup Winner”
    Chuck Bolinger   Chuck's Foot Support Shoe display

Our Mission;
Assist customers to maintain foot health by properly fitting shoes, modifying footwear for each individual and restoring shoes while providing excellent customer service.


Chuck's Foot Support
4546 Maplecrest Rd Fort Wayne, IN 46835
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 pe·dor·thics (p-dôrthks)n.
The design, manufacture, fit and/or modification of shoes and foot orthoses to alleviate
Foot pain caused by disease, overuse, injury or congenital deformity.  

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Welcome to Chuck’s Foot Support located in Fort Wayne Indiana. Chuck’s Foot Support is a shoe store that repairs shoes and sells great quality shoes. The owner Chuck Bolinger has been in the shoe industry for over 45 years. He is a master craftsman, Pedorthist and winner of the 2005 Grand Silver Cup for shoe repair. At Chuck’s Foot Support you can not only get your shoes repaired in most cases (no matter where you bought them) however Chuck sells a full line of shoes to fit almost any need. Chuck’s Foot Support sells women’s shoes, men’s shoes, running shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes, and has a full line of shoes for special sizes, like extra wide shoes and narrow shoes. Chuck’s Foot Support is more than just a shoe store he also carries a full line of shoe accessories, and special needs items, like diabetic socks and night splints. So come in and visit Chuck’s Foot Support today for all your shoe and foot care needs!


Chuck's Foot Support 4546 Maplecrest Road Fort Wayne, In 46835 260.492.1752 Map It

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